We are proud to now offer rejuvenating
anti-wrinkle treatments

Delivered exclusively by fully qualified doctors for natural, age-defying,
beautiful results


You will always be treated by an experienced qualified doctor specialising in botulinum toxin therapy. This is the most effective non-surgical anti-ageing treatment available.

Book to see one of our specialist doctors for a free expert consultation. We will ensure you receive the treatment best suited to you.

We believe in safe, effective and affordable cosmetic treatments that make beautiful, ageless skin an achievable goal.



Treatments available

Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation – 15 mins (Free)

Anti-wrinkle Treatment – 20 mins (£175-300)

Excessive Sweating Treatment – 30 mins (£400)



Our doctors

charlotteDr Charlotte Buscombe – grew up in a small fishing village in Cornwall and still very much enjoys seaside escapes and all things outdoors. She studied for her medical degree in the South West, passing with distinction grades.

She has postgraduate experience and qualifications in general medicine too, holding full MRCP (Membership of the Royal College of Physicians) and has now chosen to specialist in ophthalmology, working as a registrar locally.

Outside of work she very much enjoys travelling and has spent time volunteering overseas in remote places such as Papua New Guinea and Burma.



rachelDr Rachel Healy – works as an Ophthalmology registrar at Cheltenham and Gloucester hospitals.  She grew up in Cheltenham and was thrilled to be able to return to the Cotswolds to work as a doctor.

Rachel initially studied Chemistry at the University of Bristol graduating with First Class Honours, from there she went on the study Medicine at Newcastle University, attaining equally high standards.

She is a keen runner and cyclist and can often be found clocking up many miles on her bike through the local Cotswold countryside.



ellieDr Elewys Hearne – came out with a distinction in medicine from Sheffield Medical School in 2012. She did her junior years in London where her interest in aesthetics first began.

With a passion for travel she then practiced medicine in remote landscapes including Antarctica, India and the Arctic.

She is now a registrar in Ophthalmology and gained her aesthetics training in Birmingham.


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