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PostHeaderIcon The advantages of Dental Implants over traditional methods of tooth replacement

Advantages of Dental Implants

advantages of dental implants

The use of dental implants to replace missing teeth has become very popular in recent years. Dental implants are a titanium rod that is inserted into your gums and can hold a restoration (otherwise known as a crown in place), giving the appearance of a natural tooth. If you are missing teeth or have teeth that need replacing, you now have the option of replacing them with a bridge, denture or dental implant. This post looks at these three methods and sets out the advantages of dental implants.


A dental bridge is the traditional method of using the surrounding teeth to support a crown. The main disadvantage of this method is that the surrounding teeth can be damaged by the bridge. Another disadvantage of bridges is that they do not last for a lifetime and it is likely they will need to be replaced after several years. Whilst they are not permanent and can have a detrimental impact on your other teeth, bridges are available quite cheaply on the NHS.


Dentures are another temporary method of tooth replacement. They have progressed a lot since the days when your parents kept big dentures in a glass beside their bed. They are now available in smaller and more comfortable sizes and fits. Still they are only a temporary replacement and some discomfort may be felt by the person wearing them. They also require maintenance and have to be taken in and out to be cleaned. It is difficult to eat with dentures in so be prepared to eat easy to chew foods or take them out when eating. Like bridges, dentures are available cheaply on the NHS.


The most modern method for replacing missing teeth is dental implants. These are a better solution to both dentures and dental bridges. As stated above, they consist of a titanium base which is fitted into your gums and used to support a crown. They are fitted by a trained surgeon in two stages, presuming it is a straightforward case and the bone condition in your alveolar ridges is good.


Whilst a superior means of teeth replacement, dental implants are a more expensive option. They are only available on the NHS as a last resort and in exceptional circumstances where neither braces or a bridge are deemed suitable. Most dental implant procedures are paid for privately but in our in opinion they are well worth the money for the following reasons:


  • They are a permanent solution. If cared for properly, it is possible that dental implants will last the rest of your life. The first dental implant was fitted in 1965 and as of a few years ago the recipient was still alive with the implant intact.
  • They are easy to maintain. They can be maintained in much the same way as normal teeth. They do not need to be removed to be cleaned. They will act in the same way as your natural teeth have done.
  • They will not damage any of the surrounding teeth as is common with dental bridges.
  • There is a high rate of success – Improvements in the technology behind dental implants mean that recent clinical studies have had 98% success rates.
  • They prevent bone degeneration. One of the lesser known benefits of heaving healthy teeth is that the roots help to maintain the bone and tissue in your gums. Without roots to support your gum ridges, the bone and tissue will atrophy or wear away over time. This will cause your face and cheeks to have a sunken appearance.


If you think the advantages of dental implants are worth the extra cash please get in touch with our clinic to find out more about dental implants in Cheltenham. Two experienced implant surgeons Dr Ramy Magdy and Dr Jakub Wojcicki both fit implants at our clinic and attract patients from all over Gloucestershire for dental implants.

We offer free consultations for patients considering dental implants so feel free to get in touch and our dentists would be delighted to take the time to give you more information on the procedure and to talk about your specific case. CT scans can help the implant surgeons to plan for your treatment. If required, we can refer you to a separate clinic where they can take a CT scan for you.

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