Teeth WhiteningThe using of teeth whitening is one way to improve the teeth colour and appearance. Tooth discolouration is caused by many factors include lifestyle and genetic. The habit of smoking or drinking coffee is often trigger stains and tooth discolouration. Usually the stains on the teeth are not easily lost by brushing. Therefore, it is necessary to use tooth whitening in form of gel or strips. Improve your teeth colour can also use laser. You can find it at various dental clinics closest to your resident. Before take action should know the advantages and disadvantages of these procedure;

– Give you a whiter smile
By using teeth whitening will allow you to smile brighter and whiter. With good smile will make you more attractive in community and establish many relationships. This is not only beneficial to improve personal relationship but also related to your career and your business.

– Increase the self confidence
The teeth with unattractive colour can cause a decrease in self confidence. This condition can also disrupt your communication.

– Increase the attractiveness
Whiter teeth colour is definitely more interesting than teeth that have colour are less white. This is strongly support your activities to meet many people.

– Looks younger
People who have whiter teeth will look brighter and younger. Thus the using of teeth whitening can hide your actual age.

– Prevent coral teeth
Arising of tartar is usually caused by the build-up of the teeth stains. It is widely experienced by people who love to drink coffee, tea of smoking. Brushing teeth is not fully able to remove stains on teeth. The using of tooth whitening is the great way to prevent coral teeth. As is known, tartar not only damages the teeth but also trigger other mouth health problems. Tartar is good place for bad bacteria to grow. If it left for long time it can damage the gums and cause inflammation.

Beside has a number of advantages, the using of tooth whitening also has a number of disadvantage such as below;
– Not all teeth whitening is suitable for everyone.
Tooth whitening is made of chemical ingredients are packed in strips or gel. In some people it is perfect using strip and other suitable with gel. The choosing of strips or gel depends on many factors. To get optimal results you can consult to your dentist.

– It can erode the outer layer of the teeth
As is known tooth whitening is made of chemical ingredients. So the using of this agent should be done with proper formulation. Improper use can erode the outer layer of your tooth. This layer is known as enamel. At certain condition it can also lead to sensitive teeth.

Although the using of teeth whitening has a number of advantage and disadvantages, but generally it is beneficial for your teeth health and appearance. It can improve your teeth appearance, facilitate you to communicate and make you look younger and brighter. This condition can improve your confidence to make more relationship. It will facilitate you to meet and communicate with many people. If you have problem with teeth discolouration, go to the nearest dentist you trust.

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