Oriel Villas Dental Surgery are delighted to now offer Fastbraces in Cheltenham. Fastbraces are the new orthodontic system that can realign crooked and misshapen teeth in half the time it takes traditional fixed braces. The system is tried and tested and has been used by dentists in America for the last 20 years. They have only recently become available to patients in the UK and Oriel Villas are now delighted to offer these fast acting braces to patients in Cheltenham.

Committed to continuously keeping up to date with the latest dental technologies, as soon as the team learned about how beneficial Fastbraces could be to their patients they added the procedure to its treatment list. They are ideal for children or adults who looking to have their teeth straightened quickly and who require more than just a cosmetic fix.

The benefits of the new system include:

Fast acting – They have different design features to traditional fixed braces allowing them to realign and straighten teeth in as little as three months. Treatments can typically be completed within a year which is half the time it will take traditional braces to work. Of course quicker treatment times mean less visits to the dentist, less time off school or work and less cost.

More than a cosmetic fix – There are several fast acting orthodontic aligners and brace systems available to patients today. Most alternative fast acting orthodontic systems achieve cosmetic results only by realigning front teeth only and not focusing on shifting roots. Fastbraces are a genuine orthodontic system and will realign and correct the position of all teeth front and back. That said Fastbraces may not be suitable for extreme cases of severe over-crowding or severe bite problems but your dentist will be able to advise you here.

Aesthetically pleasing – The original system uses metallic coloured wires and brackets. If you or your child would prefer a more aesthetically pleasing system we also offer Fastbraces Clear which use ceramic brackets and teeth coloured wires. These braces are discreet and will allow you or your children to receive fast acting orthodontic treatment without affecting your confidence.

Minimal Discomfort – Research has shown that Fastbraces act quickly with minimal discomfort. Compared to traditional brace systems they are known to have lower sensitivity, a reduction in sliding friction and the lowest mean frictional forces. All of this means they act quickly with minimal discomfort to the wearer.


About the Technology

Fastbraces may look similar to traditional fixed braces in that they use a system of brackets and wires to straighten teeth but the difference is in the detail. They use triangular shaped brackets which allows for nickel-titanium wire to be used to connect the brackets during the treatment process. The nickel-titanium wire is renowned for its super elasticity. It is these properties which allow them to straighten teeth quickly.

Traditional systems focus on moving the crown first and then the root each of which usually takes approximately a year. The design features allow this new system to move the crown and root of the tooth at the same time which can cut treatment time in half.

If you would like to learn more about Fastbraces for your or your child then contact the team at Oriel Villas who would be delighted to give you more information. Give us a call on 01242523531 for more information.