Preventative DentistryMost people don’t like visiting their dentist. Not surprisingly a lot of people can get scared when it comes to having metal hooks and drills put in their mouth. Funnily enough, the best way to avoid painful visits to the dentist is to make regular visits to your hygienist – Preventative Dentistry. It is recommended that people should visit the dental hygienist every 6 months so as to avoid cavities and other oral health issues which will require more painful visits to your dentist.

At Oriel Villas Dental in Cheltenham we have an onsite dental hygienist. A typical visit consists of the following:

Preventative Dentistry is important!

So, it is worth my while visiting the dental hygienist I hear you ask. Well that decision is your own but here are some of the advantages that our patients have reported from making the visit.


If you are around the Cheltenham area and are interested in visiting our dental hygienist for a professional teeth cleaning, a check-up or just having a chat about your dental hygiene routine, then get in touch to arrange an appointment. At Oriel Villas, conveniently located in Cheltenham our hygienist is highly qualified and has many years experience helping patients with preventative dentistry.