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Are you in Need of Teeth Whitening?

Tooth decay and ageing are the possible causes of your teeth getting discoloured which occurs naturally over time and the built up of plaque makes your teeth look even worse.

Teeth whitening procedure has increasingly become popular, and it is considered as among those that produces successful results in enhancing one’s looks.

It is possible for people of different ages to have low self-esteem and be self-conscious, but the sparkling smile the teeth whitening promises in a breeze has gained popularity.

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The Procedure

 How is it done?

 To begin with, the dentist cleans the teeth thoroughly until all stains that are capable of being removed with ease are gone. The dentist then either takes a photograph or uses a colour chart to get the right teeth colour. Once the patient knows the degree of the stain, he then can decide the degree of teeth-whitening he needs. After this time, the treatment may differ depending on the smile the patient wants. To some patients only a few sessions may be needed for the treatment, but to others more might be needed if they expect bigger changes.

Teeth Whitening Cheltenham

Surgical Process

 This technique is quite effective and thus requires the careful treatment of a highly skilled dentist. In this technique, the patient’s cheeks, gums, lips and eyes should be protected since these areas can be affected by the white light used in surgery and Oriel Villas Dental Surgery gives its patient’s health with the utmost attention. After all the necessary protection is provided for the mouth and the eyes, the whitening agent is then applied to the patient’s teeth before the teeth are exposed to a specialised light for it to be activated. This procedure is repeated three times and lasts for about fifteen minutes. As soon as this procedure is done the whitening agent is then carefully removed from the teeth by the dentist. You can right away see the results.

Whitening gel for home use

 For every set of the lower and upper teeth, a tray is made available through taking an impression or mould of the teeth. The two moulds become the precursor in producing a perfectly fitting tray for each set of teeth. Afterwards, the whitening gel is taken home to be inserted into each tray. The patient then wears the two trays for extended periods until the process of bleaching is done which may take several sessions.


  • Boosts one’s confidence
  • Whiter and brighter teeth
  • Largely improves the quality of your smile


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Did you know that Teeth Whitening can only be done by a dentist or dental hygienist, dental therapist, on the prescription of a dentist?
If you have been offered this service by your beauty salon, this is illegal if there is no dental professional on premises. Be careful as this can put your health at risk.