An effective solution for rebuilding teeth, masking defects and changing the shape of individual teeth.

Composite is a tooth-coloured resin material which can perfectly mimic tooth enamel. It can be colour matched to your natural tooth shade, making it a very popular choice for dental restorations and cosmetic treatments.

Composite bonding is an affordable, minimally invasive treatment. The composite is skillfully built directly onto your tooth, so there is no need to strip away a layer of enamel. Our restorative dentistry experts are highly experienced in building and recontouring teeth, making it appear as if there was no damage in the first place.

Why choose composite bonding?

  • Minimally invasive – there is no need to remove any of the natural tooth to make space for the bonding
  • Quick – the treatment takes place in one appointment at our practice, with no need for impressions or restorations built in a lab
  • Aesthetic – the composite can be closely matched to your tooth colour so no one but you need know it is there
  • Reversible – unlike other restorative options, bonding can be removed or repaired

What is involved with the treatment?

At your first appointment, we clean and dry your tooth and prepare the surface with a special acidic gel. This creates a rough surface for the composite to properly bond to.

We will then apply the composite in layers, building up the desired shape. It is then hardened into place using a blue light.

We will then polish the composite so it looks just like a natural tooth and fits seamlessly into your smile.

Composite is invulnerable to bacteria and decay, but the natural tooth underneath isn’t. Keeping up with a great oral hygiene routine at home and attending regular check ups with your dentist will keep your smile healthy.

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