This is the dental discpline dealing with children’s oral health from birth through adolescence.

Our focus is monitoring children’s dental growth and develpoment and acclimatizing children at a younger age to dental visits and establish a positive attitude to oral hygiene and health.

For the benefit of our children, we are proud to have strong links with specialist colleagues, such as orthodontists, where we can identify and refer patients at an early stage to secure the health of their future smile.

Our comprehensive approach to children’s dental care wouldn’t be complete without our preventative treatments, such as:

Fissure Sealants

- This is a procedure which reduces and prevent dental decay on the chewing surfaces of otherwise healthy children’s permanent teeth.

- The procedure is short and simple. It doesn’t involve cutting the tooth, rather a protective layer is used to cover and seal the clean and unstained pits and fissures on the chewing surface of Children’s permanent teeth.

- We recommend this procedure whenever appropriate, as soon as the permanent teeth erupt sufficiently to be isolated and sealed well.

Fluoride Therapy

- This is used mainly to prevent decay in high risk patients or control rampant decay until restorative treatments can be carried out.

- This involves applying fluoride to the teeth either topically through for example; gels, varnishes and toothpaste or systemically through fluoridated water or tablets.