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Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment (endodontics) involves removal of the nerve inside your tooth in the event that is damaged through infection or trauma. The alternative treatment option in the case of such nerve damage, is extraction (removal) of the tooth.  Therefore, root canal treatment is a popular choice as it aims to save and retain the natural tooth.
Prior to root canal treatment your tooth will be x-rayed to allow assessment of suitability of treatment and the complexity of the case. A crown is normally recommended following treatment to protect the tooth from further damage.
Our dentist Dr Liliana Barros has a particular interest in endodontic dentistry, having devoted significant time to postgraduate training in this discipline. Liliana uses a dental microscope during all endodontic treatment to ensure that she can tackle challenging cases. Liliana is also happy to manage re-root canal treatment, which involves treating and managing the failure of existing root canal treatments. Book a consultation with Dr Liliana Barros to discuss your endodontic treatment options.