This is the branch of dentisty that aims to improve the appearance and not ncessarily the function of teeth.

This involves various techniques, such as teeth whitening, bonding, veneers, crowns and composite (white filling) on back teeth.

Many dentists now a days call themselves ‘cosmetic dentists’ regardless of their training and skill. Our highly dedicated team have undertaken and continue to pursue further post graduate training, in order to provide you with successful and satisfying results. Giving you back your confidence and a reason to truely smile about!


Teeth Whitening

- This has become a common procedure nowadays to improve the colour of teeth without having to resort to damaging the tooth with crowns or veneers unnecessarily.

- The procedure uses approved gels, typically carbamide or hydrogen peroxide to produce oxygen compound which bleaches the stain deposits from within the inside of the tooth tissue.

- Our team uses approved professional systems:

  • Nite White home system.
  • Enlighten – guarantee B1 shade.
- These are thin restorations placed over the front surface of the tooth.
- They are usually used to correct minor imperfections and/or improve the appearance of a given tooth/teeth.
Composite (white filling material)
- These are resin based restorative materials, which come in different shades to match tooth colour.
- These are used mainly on front teeth, but can also be used on back teeth as well as used to replace silver fillings.