Replace missing teeth with a natural-looking removable denture.

Dentures come with a whole host of benefits, including helping to improve how you eat and speak, boosting your confidence and enhancing your facial shape, particularly around your lips and cheeks.

You can have partial dentures for a few missing teeth, or full dentures to replace a whole set of upper or lower teeth. They are made from acrylic, metal or flexible materials, with partial dentures blending in beautifully with existing teeth and complete dentures able to pass for the real thing.

What is involved in having dentures?

Making and fitting dentures can be quite an involved process, with at least four appointments usually needed to design, produce, fit and adjust your denture.

After an initial detailed consultation, we will take impressions of your mouth so a model can be produced and checked for fit, bite and comfort. When we are happy with this, the final set of dentures will be manufactured in a laboratory.

When your dentures are ready, we will invite you for your fitting appointment. If you are having a complete denture, this will consist of a gum coloured arch with a set of prosthetic teeth attached, and fitted in the top or bottom of your mouth. Partial dentures may be held in place with metal hooks attached to existing teeth.

What will my dentures feel like?

It can take a little while to get used to your new dentures, especially if they are a complete set. They may feel odd at first, and eating can be tricky, so it is a good idea to start with softer foods and slowly introduce more challenging items. You will find it easier over time as your mouth gets used to the replacement teeth.

You may also find speaking is difficult initially, but you can improve this by reading aloud to practice. If you are experiencing any sore spots in your mouth the denture surface may need some adjustment.