Boost your confidence with a bespoke combination of treatments.

Do you avoid smiling in photographs or try to hide the appearance of your teeth? We can help you regain your confidence with a variety of treatments designed to sort out your problem teeth and give you back a dazzling smile.

We have a full range of cosmetic dental treatments available to help you achieve your dream results, using the expertise of our highly trained dentists. During your initial consultation, we thoroughly examine your teeth and discuss exactly how you want your smile to look. You will receive a bespoke treatment plan, detailing your treatment options and the associated fees.

We may have to correct oral health issues, such as gum disease, before any cosmetic treatment can be performed. Once your mouth is completely fit and healthy, we can begin enhancing your smile.

How can my smile be improved?

  • Gaps – missing teeth can be replaced with dental implants or bridges
  • Tooth position – misaligned teeth can be straightened with Invisalign or fixed braces, or masked with veneers, crowns or composite bonding
  • Tooth shape – chipped, broken or worn teeth can be improved with bonding, veneers or crowns
  • Discoloured teeth – stained teeth can be brightened with tooth whitening, a very common treatment in smile makeover cases

If you are considering a smile makeover, please contact us today to arrange your consultation.