Gradually moving teeth into more aesthetic, straighter positions.

Over 200,000 children and teenagers have orthodontic treatment in the UK every year. However, it hasn’t been commonplace in the past, so many adults may have missed out on the opportunity to get their teeth straightened with the NHS.

In recent years, teeth-straightening treatment has become increasingly popular with adults, and with good reason. Evidence demonstrates that a straighter smile leads to greater job opportunities and a better romantic life. Progressively more adults are also looking to improve their smiles to boost their confidence, enhance their self-esteem, and generally feel happier with their appearance.

In some cases, patients coming to us have had orthodontic treatment in the past, but their teeth have moved out of position since. If this is the case for you, we understand how disappointing it feels. At Oriel Villas Dental Surgery, we assure you that if you follow our recommendations during treatment, you will have a smile that you will love for a lifetime.

Orthodontic treatment involves moving protruding, crooked, or crowded teeth into new positions. It also helps to correct mild cases of overbite and underbite.

Straightening your teeth doesn’t only have the obvious benefits of cosmetic appearance, although this is one of the main reasons our clients come to us. Orthodontic treatment is also essential to ensure overall oral health, as it protects your teeth and gums against harmful bacteria. This can save you from tooth decay, gum disease, and other serious medical issues later in life.

At Oriel Villas Dental Surgery, we offer a range of orthodontic options, including virtually invisible straightening with Invisalign clear aligners and self-ligating fixed appliances. Our dentists are happy to advise which system would be best for you – contact us to arrange your consultation.

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“I always have a pleasant experience here, very helpful staff, always explaining every step of the treatment so I feel calm before the appointments and the end result is beyond what I thought could be possible I would like to say thank you to all the hard working staff here for helping me smile with confidence”

– Katalin Hanyi –

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