Effective and reliable straightening

Many people associate fixed braces with orthodontic treatment, and they are still incredibly effective and reliable for correcting alignment issues and problematic bites.

Fixed braces are traditionally made from metal brackets fitted to the teeth with a wire running through, but more cosmetic options are now available. Clear brackets and tooth coloured wires have become increasingly popular for more discreet straightening.


The Cfast system uses clear brackets and tooth-coloured nickel titanium wires to gently straighten crooked or misaligned teeth. It focuses on the upper and lower front teeth, the ones most visible when you talk and smile. Cfast is gaining in popularity as it offers a cosmetic approach and excellent results in a much faster time, as little as three months in some cases.

Cfast is suitable for patients of all ages, and particularly ideal for correcting gaps in the front teeth or mild to moderate crowding. It uses light forces to move your teeth, and is comfortable to wear, with any discomfort experienced after fitting both mild and short lasting.

When Cfast is not an option for you, we may recommend Invisalign, a virtually invisible way to straighten your teeth.

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